Core Values of Edge Alliance

EdgeAlliance is guided by principles that epitomize effective nonprofit management and transform the lives of people impacted by HIV/AIDS and those living on the edge of society.


EdgeAlliance believes in respecting the dignity of all. We are committed to serving the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, individuals living with disabilities and Veterans that are homeless. We will always serve our clients in a manner that respects a diversity of cultural identities, and that upholds the inherent dignity of every individual.


EdgeAlliance is dedicated to ensuring members of its North Lawndale campus have the skill set necessary to live independent and meaningful lives. Services provided by EdgeAlliance are designed to promote optimal independence, self-reliance, health and well-being.


Supporters of our mission have the right to be assured that their contributions are being utilized efficiently. EdgeAlliance regularly reviews all costs and implements cost-saving measures without compromising our core competencies of providing housing and life progress services.